The Grappler
HT: 5′4
WT: 112lbs
Season record (3-1)
Lifetime record (12-5)
Ranked 3rd
HT: 5′6
WT: 135lbs
Season record (4-0)
Lifetime record (18-3)
Ranked 2th

Welcome to the 2009 Championship tournament. The top 16 wrestlers of the season face off in a single elimination tournament. Check out the Summer Vengeance Bracket . Best BDSM online video here.

Darling had a great season, training hard and showing much improvement. Her only loss was to Dia Zerva and that was only by 38pts. Darling has the stamina to wear out Vendetta, but does she have the size and strength to hang on?

Vendetta had another undefeated year, and wants to win her second championship, That’s all we have to say about that.

Warning: Ultimate Surrender is an intense, non-scripted, wrestling site. We never know what’s going to happen, and everything that does happen is all too real. We do what we can to prevent injury and keep the wrestlers safe, but sometimes life happens.

Charolette came to us to be tied & masturbated. So, I tied her & fucking masturbated her till she was jumping out of her fucking skin! She was so wired that she even fucked herself again after I removed her ropes!

Beefy Trey Turner is horny all day. The whistle blows and Trey decides to skip lunch and takes care of his needs. He finds a quiet corner of the warehouse to play with his cock and ass. He starts off with some nasty toys to stretch out his hole. Then, he warms up with the MiniMite. Trey is getting fucked standing. He moves on to the Woody. The flywheel spins as the dildo plows into his muscular ass. With pain and pleasure, Trey pops his load just in time to get back to work.

Jade Indica is back. This Italian babe is smoking hot and so beautiful. Her tan, smooth, shaved body begs for abuse.

Legs back, ass up, the perfect fuck me position- Jade is very familiar with this set up. This girl has been fucking for some time, so it’s time we fuck back.

Foot caning and pussy flogging, nipple clamps and mind fucking, these are just a few of the things Jade suffers though. With a perfect ass like that we feel the need to impale it. So we stuff it with a dildo and lock it in place. With the box closed Jade has just been reduced to two holes. That is all she is to us: two holes- two holes we abuse and make cum, over and over.

Dana DeArmond is locked up and used as a play thing and ass licker to prison guard Lorelei Lee. She is then brought to the evil scientist Maitresse Madeline for sexual experiments and three girl BDSM action.



Dia Zerva & Yana Jordan
Combined HT:131″
Combined WT: 270lbs
Season Record:(1-1)
Franchise Record (4-2)

The Ninja’s
Vendetta & Isis Love
Combined HT:132″
Combined WT: 255lbs
Season Record:(2-0)
Franchise record (5-1)

Welcome to Ultimate Surrender’s 2009 Tag Team League.
The Pirates vs The Ninjas. Four girls,
non-scripted, real tag team action.

This is the new 2009 Tag Team Season. New teams; new wrestlers. The Beginning of what will be the the most brutal Tag Team Season yet!

This is the match up everyone has waited for. Isis Love is back and is looking hotter then ever. Vendetta and Dia Zerva will face off for the first time. Hang on- this could get rough.

The Pirates have been looking forward to this match for weeks. Both these girls train hard off the mat, and each looks forward to battling their counterpart. Dia wants fingers in Vendetta, and Yana wants Isis to be her little sissy bitch. This team is polished, coordinated and ready.

The Ninjas are cocky. After all it is Vendetta and Isis and they know it. Vendetta is a past US champion, and Isis is a back from retirement, an a elite member of the US hall of fame. This team is not worried about much.

The first round is a wake up call for the Ninjas as the Pirates’ coordination, speed, and skill surprises the veteran Ninjas. Isis gets trapped and mauled at the end of the round and the Pirates are looking good.

Round two is a different story, as the Ninjas dominate from the start, not only do they get the lead back but they look great doing it. Then tragedy strikes, and Yana goes down hard with a injury. We are 3 seconds past the halfway point of the match and according to the rules, the match is over.

Round 4 will be held, it is decided Dia will take the double team while an injured Yana watches. However the Ninjas spy Darling in the crowd, and drag her ass onto the mat and begin to fuck her and the loser.

Adorable Savannah West is caught cheating on a test and gets punished and fucked in this incredibly sexy fantasy role play with Mark Davis. This is Savannah’s first time getting fucked in bondage and she absolutely loves every minute of it.

We have all types of models on Device, each with strengths and weaknesses. Some are flexible, some are tough, some are great at blow jobs, some are good at getting fucked and others like and can take pain. Rain is the latter.

Simply put - we take it to her: a hard caning and some of the hardest flogging to date. We violate her ass with a hook, we make her scream in pain, then make her cum in ecstasy. Back and forth, pain and pleasure, her body never gets to catch up, and she can only react on an instinctual level.

Today’s update is a very special and super intense live audience shoot with Lorelei Lee. Our favorite blonde gets her fantasies fulfilled being used and abused by a roomful of dominant babes! She gets tied in strenuous predicament bondage, fisted, gang fucked with strap-ons, cattle prodded, ass fucked, and more. I can guarantee you that you do not want to miss this update.

Sabrina puts Lobo to hard use.

He’s bound in a body sack, panties from another lover crammed in his mouth, his hands tied behind his sweating back, chest covered in rope. He’s in trouble. He’s cheated and Mistress Vanilla is unsympathetic. Actually, she’s pissed and he will take the brunt of her anger. But Vanilla doesn’t simply want to yell and break a cane over his back - that would be too easy. Instead she calmly, painfully punishes her man. He takes a cane, a crop, a flogger and perhaps the greatest pleasure and pain of all - an ass fucking with a 9 inch cock that fills him full. This session involves pain for Pancho and a lot of apologizing with his body and mouth.


The Iron Maiden
HT: 5′5
WT: 135lbs
Season record (4-0)
Lifetime record (5-1)
Ranked 1st

The Assassin
HT: 5′8
WT: 115lbs
Season record (5-0)
Lifetime record (12-3)
Ranked 4th

Welcome to the 2009 Championship tournament. The top 16 wrestlers of the season face off in a single elimination tournament. Check out the Summer Vengeance Bracket here.

Dia Zerva was last year’s runner up to the Championship. This year she is ranked 1st and is undefeated. She is expected to win the Championship this year. Dia is a former Marine, who trains hard and often between matches. Fast, brutal, with a never-give-in-or-give-up attitude makes this Welterweight one of the elite wrestlers of Ultimate Surrender.

Ariel X is the 115lb spitfire from hell! Ariel, in our opinion, has the best endurance of any wrestler on our books. She has never trained harder for a season than she has for this one. Ariel remembers last year’s match-up in the finals with Dia; she remembers Dia calling time out when she was gasping for air, struggling to hang on. A strategy that worked for Dia but pissed off the Assassin. Revenge is all that is on Ariel’s mind right now, brutal revenge!

It was a vicious battle, a technical masterpiece. Two strong, experienced, girls that both take losing very badly, pushed to the limit. In the end one of these girls wanted to fuck the other’s ass more. Who was it? Who got their ass handed to them, then got it fucked?

And for an intimate behind-the-scenes look at Dia and Ariel’s very friendly rivalry, be sure to check out this exclusive
Behind Kink story.

Jade Indica is incredibly hot - that is a given. You have seen her tied up, submitting, getting beat and doing all kinds of kinky acts - but today you get to see Jade Indica unbound and fucking machines. And I mean FUCKING machines. She takes control and opens up for the machines taking a long, hard unrelenting pounding. Truthfully, Jade, wears us out! Sweat runs down her chest from beneath her long beautiful black hair as she cums over and over. Jade does it all - doggie, missionary, tit suckers, double penetration - hell, just go watch the update - words can not sum up this smoking hot shoot.

This fucking slut just won’t leave me alone. She was thrown at me at Leather Retreat and I had to do a Casting Couch with her. She would not stop cumming! Then you members asked for me to bring her back & this went right to her head. She WOULD NOT LEAVE ME ALONE! so I brought her back against my better judgment but decided that I would tease the shit out of her & make her miserable by not letting her cum when she wanted to. This did not work & she wanted to continue none the less.

Watch as I bring her to the brink over & over again without release & make the sweat pour down her body as she fights to keep her orgasms at bay. She may be a slut but at least she is a slut who follows orders well. To a point… ;-)

Kylie is bound down hard. Trapped in a custom metal prison for one that sticks her big ass up in the air ready for what ever we want to put in it. And fill that ass we do, with a fucksaw machine that shows no mercy.

Kylie was overwhelmed from the start. Being that helpless, unable to move even a little, with a machine about to drill your ass makes one a touch nervous. So when we started messing with her and fucking her ass, she started a slow mental melt down.

As the machine rammed away at her asshole and the vibrator worked over her clit, Kylie’s body betrayed her as orgasms where ripped out of her one by one. Next her mind betrayed her as her brain could not process her situation, and she begged for the ass fucking to stop. Porn Legend, Ass Queen, Kylie Ireland, begged for sexual mercy. A total melt down that even left her confused, on what really just happened.

Dia Zerva finds herself victim of blackmail when her secret love affair is caught on video tape. Blackmailer John Henry demands sexual favors when she comes up short with the cash. This is a very erotic role play performed beautifully by Dia and John with great submission and super hot bondage sex including anal and hard iron restraints.

Live Show Mondays brings you the 2nd part of the July live show that featured Mason, Winter Sky and special guest co-top Christina Carter.

After making the girls cum hard and often in the last update, we spread them out and apply clothespins to their already tired bodies. Each girl has a zipper applied, which is then attached to a 20lb weight that the other girl has to hold. Winter is the weakest link, never having worked out a day in her privileged life. However Mason was a collegiate athlete and will have no problem holding the weight.

Neither girl wants to hurt the other, so we quicken the process by using vibrators to weaken them further. Winter is the first to cum, and the first to drop the ball. Mason drops hers right after, as the shock and pain of the zipper rips though her trembling body.

Next Winter’s face is used as a seat for a struggling Mason locked in the wall stocks. The stocks are designed to slowly choke out the victim. You must use all your strength to stay up or you will pass out. Winters face must take the full brunt of Mason’s weight in order to save her new best friend.

Renee was in from NYC visiting SF & just HAD to check out the Armory. She loves porn & loves sex & really wanted to show her stuff. I could not pass up such a beauty and just had to grab her for a Casting Couch.

There is something about readheads and bondage with me. I love seeing pale skin turn beat red as Renee’s orgasms build & build till she just explodes! If there was more time, Reneee would have cum & cum & cum & cum….

Tough stud Dak Ramsey is up for the Machine Challenge. This bad boy warms up with the Fucksall instead of toys. The Fucksall jacks his hairy hole and he almost blows his wad. Dak also picks the Crystal Palace. It starts out slow with a smooth fuck then Dak takes it at full speed. Warmed up and all stretched out, he’s ready for the Predator. The full speed and deep strokes of this nasty machine sends Dak to a screaming ending.

Starring Chamille

August 22nd, 2009

Chamille is 18 years old, shy and looking to experiment in fetish porn.A combination of desires that makes for a sexy, genuine and sometimes erotically awkward shoot. Chamille says she likes anal and wants to try it with a machine. But she’s never had more than a finger in her butt so it’s a delicate start that thankfully is well worth the patience to make happen as Chamille has an intense orgasm from The Snake.